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Petition for NBN Here for Cooya Beach Please



Complain all the time..If you do not complain nothing will be done ! I had to complain for more than 1 1/2 years

Complain and keep complaining until they give you the speed you pay for,

This is the only way we will get the infrastructure upgraded.

Bigpond 133933 for technical Support

Telstra Complaints 132200

try this for accuracy, if you are below 110 Kb/s then you are entitled to faster ADSL (Bigpond)

>Internet Speed Test<

This is the most accurate data speed test I can find.

there are two parts:...

LINE SPEED is the theoretical maximum possible speed of the Phone Line & all infrastructure

Download speed in

Kb/s is the whole system from them to you..can be problems anywhere

Peak times are 4pm to 8pm

and this will always show the slowest.

You really need to do several tests over different times and days

..i.e. week days & weekend (no businesses eating bandwidth)

try it at 4am in the morning for the fastest speeds

the kids should be asleep by then



Kb/s should be actual data speed


This is another speed tester


this will do the line speed very well


Please remember ! when doing an accurate speed test this is the only thing other pages!

or e-mail programs Open