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New SSD (Solid State Drive) Technology.

Please also view this... Page for Added problem solving on slow Computers
What happens is these drives are really fast and the whole computer can work much more efficiently -

however these drives are expensive and smallish capacity so just the operating system and programs themselves live on the (C: SSD Drive ),

all our own stuff must reside on another big hard drive ( D: ).

This is a great Idea anyway.

- your Data you create is separate and safe if you need to reload windows ETC.

Phone me to find out more if you like.

Windows Explorer is the program we can use to view everything that is on your computer.
with this program and a little knowledge you can walk up to any computer and start to use it.
"...I downloaded a file from the internet but now I cannot find it..." once you understand what has happened you can find it easy.
All web browsers have a pre defined directory or folder to put there download files into, or they will ask you each time.



Let us fix this right now.

open up windows explorer (Right click on the start button) open windows explorer,

click on --your main data drive-- C: or D: (as long as D: is not your DVD drive)

click to add new folder , name it "downloads" , now go to the options menu in your web browser, negotiate to download directory in the menu,

choose browse, and move to your downloads directory that you have just created..

You can print this page for directions

Another little tip is if all in your family want to access all the files on your computer...

If you all log onto the computer with the same log on or no one has a log on

then you can already do this.. however how do you find all the stuff to copy it or do a backup etc..


well why not put everything where you can find it easy


above is a folder that will always appear near the top (Numeric_then_alpha)

The next screen shot is Win7 and should be self explanatary or else ring me and we will go through them.


(Team Viewer)