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  • image 1 References from Past customers.

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    Formally Video & Computer Clinic est.1992

    Due Oct 29 /08

    Welcome to Port Douglas Computers. I have been involved with computers since the microbee, Vic 20 and commodore 64, various kits - build yourself type.

    Qualifications and Experience

    Started as a fully indentured apprentice Television Technician. Served a Four Year Indentured Apprenticeship then went again to TAFE 2 years Colour TV and a further 2 years as a Systems Analyst.

    Continued with computers also learnt to program in Basic, cobol and a little fortran. This was so we could walk in and computerize a whole business.

    This also allows me to tackle most electronic items within a slower time frame,

    some past items I have fixed include:-

    Electric fences, Pool chlorinator, Mercedes black boxes,

    Hifi equipment all,color tv, 2 way radio, vcr, dvd,

    Video Cameras, still Cameras

    Absolutely no luck with watches !!