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Quiet no more...

Fans will clog up with dust

the static charge that electronics makes will attract dust from the air

this will coat everything inside your computer after 1 year or so..

this can be cleaned and new heat sink compound on your processor for about $50.oo in the workshop.

Actual Testing proves bad or dry heat sink compound can make 20 Degrees Celsius difference to your CPU...this means a drastic speed difference.

SLOW computer

Go to the control panel.."add and remove programs"

remove unwanted programs from here..

after that run CCleaner to clean up the registry

this you will find on my "Links" page under useful programs (Registry cleaner)

Also open MY COMPUTER and check your hard drive (C:) make sure you have about 12 % of your hard drive

as free space if not your computer will run a bit slower..get a bigger Hard drive

ONLY HAVE 1 Antivirus Program running !!!!

if that does not work have been using a newer and faster computer!