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one slogan I like is -



This will allow you to take the best action and the cheapest in the long run.

Important Information if you own a laptop.....click for further Info

Computers do need cleaning... IS your computer noisy now ? is it slow? ..click for further Info

If you need a good reliable computer - then I can build it for you

I can repair or upgrade your existing computer and tailor it to your needs

As far as spending money goes I can let you know what parts to

spend the money on and what parts to save some money on,

this is the beauty of custom building computers.

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My Goal in building a new computer is to give you a tool to enjoy, it should turn on and run your programs

without needing to reinstall something or fix something all the time,

The computer should be capable of running any program you want to throw at it. (Operating system capable.)

All new computers come with the operating system loaded and you get the CD with windows on it


I don't sell it but I have experience as to what programs will do what you want the best,

and most reliable programs to suit you.

The hardest thing here is to start off with one program and learn it only to find it will not do everything you want

or mucks up with many other programs so you have to buy another and then relearn that one.

The other thing is reliability, some programs just lock up and then you lose all your work

Qualifications and Experience

Electronics Engineer / Systems Analyst

I have worked on computers since 1980

Made DVD movies (from scratch)

Written web pages before programs were made to do it


Current Bus Card 1 1995 - 2000
1990-1995 from Old web site
Workshop bits and pieces  



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