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    read more > image 2 Formally Video & Computer Clinic est.1992

    Due Oct 29 /08

    Windows Vista has some bugs that Microsoft do not seem to do much about

    One problem after installing Office 2007 is Vista goes into a loop every time you open an office product

    this gets frustrating but the answer is in the link

    fix office 2007 install

    Another problem is network icon has a red x and you cannot get to the network settings

    This turns out to be a permission problem that can be fixed easily.

    JkDefrag program (free) takes hours the first time to run but it noticably speeds up your computer - much better than windows defrag - It will put the most used programs at the outer disk which is faster (Physics)

    It all Helps you see !

    Below is my very first and old pages - Please note most links would have expired by now

    old index Page

    old Tech Page

    Rainforest Power Point presentation Really Really Big 23.7 megabytes
    Power point Show Download inspired by Sir David Attenbough
    ACN utube Video ACN & Donald Trump
    Harley 2010 Theme Pack Adobe E Seminars

    Rainforest Video (BIG)

    Office Pro Trial WLMC | Flash Test