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Currently running under 5% of contracted speed.

If I paid Bigpond for a speed % of the bill they charge me for internet..

they would be entitled to $3.45 per month instead of $89.oo


Complain and keep complaining untill they give you the speed you pay for ,

This is the only way we will get the infustructure upgraded.

If I was paid for a whole computer and all I gave you is the DVD burner....

We pay the same as in the big city and they get much greater speed for the same money....

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    It has come to my attention that there ARE problems in windows 7 that are the same as vista and still not fixed

    The first one worth a mention is USB devices not being recognised or working properly.

  • Please disconnect all and any HUBS (splitters, Card Readers the like)
  • Shut the computer down. Turn off the power point, or the switch at the back,
  • basically stop all 240 volts to the computer for 20 seconds or so.
  • Reconnect power, reboot and then try it. Also try different USB ports.
  • A big known problem exists when you have put the computer to sleep and then try to use USB devices etc.
  • Shut down completely then try it.
  • If all else fails uninstall your USB devices and reload the drivers
  • (hopefully the latest drivers from your motherboard Manufacturers website)
  • This is perhaps because there is such a large range of USB devices and not all of them are the same systems
  • there are too many variables in USB devices for Microsoft to do this perfectly - sorry but thats the way it is for the moment.

    The next one is burning DVDs from windows explorer - yes its there but it seems to have problems finalising the disk ie to read in DVD players.

    It will work for computers OK. Answer is to go to TUCOWS (or follow the link below) and down load a

    free DVD / CD burner software FREE BURNER from Koyote seems to work OK. and its Freeware.


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