We have been using Port Douglas Computers for 11 plus years now and have found the computers built and fitted to be "Bullet proof"

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To Whom It May Concern

David Adamson has maintained our entire computer network for the last 10 years. For 5 of those years we owned a Real Estate business as well so David maintained both computer systems. Over the period he has built new computers, set up several networks, carried out repairs and maintained all our equipment in the very latest up to date state. Over a total of 40 years in business David is by far the best computer technician I have ever worked with. He has always attended our urgent needs immediately, given us sound advice and has never ever let us down. The bonus is that he is real honest nice guy.

Keith Jones
Partner - Port Douglas Self Storage


Yes David,

I am forever grateful for your help in cleaning up my computer. Now with the use of the suggested programs, my computer is free of the malignant cancers that were once rampant through my system. So a big thankyou David.

Cheers John.


To whom it may concern,

David Adamson made a computer to suit my needs in 2003. It worked like a charm. I even moved it to Adelaide with nothing broken.

David’s support to me over the internet or phone has been outstanding.

His knowledge of the “IT” world and his ability to communicate any problem is a credit to him.

I wish him every success in the future I am so glad he is still in business supporting his clients.

Lea Foxford


Grahame Connett
                     Mobile  0419 727 812

        J. P.   Qualified                             E-Mail     gconnett@internode.net.au

Date :  28th November 2008
Ref   :   Quality service ---- Quality product

To whom it may concern :

Congratulations  !!!  David on the resurrection of your computer business. Your knowledge and understanding of this product and range of components is with out doubt unquestionable.

You may recall that about 8 years ago I ask you to put together a computer for my home and business usage. I still have the same computer ( with no alterations ). It’s functions completely satisfied my business requirements running MYOB, Word, Excel and product management ( stock control ) for all these years without a problem.

Not only has the business side kept the components busy but the general home use of E-Mail , Word and Excel not to mention the graphic cards taking a battering on the Flight Simulator ( which I am now running the latest version ) and other games.

A quality Product was what I received and it has served me well all these years , I will without hesitation be upgrading  in the near future and David Adamson – Computer Technician will be the first port of call.
A quality product with quality service that will do me.

Thank you once again and all the best with your new venture.


Grahame Connett   J.P.(Qualified )